Sunday, October 21, 2012

Starving the Foodie Blog .......

These past 5 months have been a total change of lifestyle - I have remembered from time to time to take photos of the food in front of me, but have lacked the impetus to publish the pictures....
Rather ordinary - crumbed cutlets and veggies

Lemon Merengue - oh my so oversweet -
could not finish it all

here are the random photos found on my camera and phone over the past few months ...... 

First Breakfast after the 21 day challenge
 Hot Chocolate & Choc Croissants!
Could only manage ONE!!  

The night before my 21 Day challenge started
No Chocolate for 21 Days!!!
AND I DID IT ! !!!!
(and raised $217 in the process)

Lunch at a little cafe on the peninsula - Cliffy's in Rye.
H had toasted Egg & Bacon S/wich
I had toasted cheesy bites with salad & salsa -mmmm

Now the challenge is on for me to remember to take photos as I head out and about over the coming weeks - I really love my food and hope to share cullinary delights found along the peninsula

Please let me know if you are aware of another foodie blog on the Mornington Peninsula - I'd love to visit it ........

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