Sunday, May 24, 2009

What can be achieved with little....

Gotta love those cans of soup.
During the week, as is often the case recently - had to come up with something nourishing for the family of 4. I had 6 sausages, which by themselves do not stretch very far.
Flung them into a casserole dish - poured in a can of Campbells condensed mushroom soup. Baked for 45 minutes (stirred once or twice) and dished up over mashed potatoes.
Very quick - little preparation - fully satisfying.

Now on alternate mondays, I need to come up with a casserole that can be crocked during the day or started by the boys when they get home from school. Going to try crocking this same thing, but with Cream of Chicken soup. I'll add a wee bit of corn kernels too - but serve it over rice.
I'll try to remember to take photos of our meals - I really think a blog needs photos.

until next we meet....

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