Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween food fun

For the past fortnight, I've been unwittingly drawn to all manner of websites, showing weird and unusual and downright whacky food ideas for Halloween.
Top of the weird yet wonderful would have to be the 'Cheese & Bacon Turtleburgers'

go on,  google it.  You know you want to......

One of the ideas I saw, I thought I could be bothered making for Lunch today.  Mummy onna Stick.

Either make meatballs or buy them pre-made.  Using either Kabana or Saveloys (little boys to most Aussies), make head and bodies on a bamboo skewer.  I then spread them with a smidge of Philadelphia cream cheese, although I know now, I could have bought the homebrand cream cheese in a tub.  I boiled up some egg noodles, nice and wide - wider than fettuchini, although that would still do the trick.
Starting at the head I wrapped a strand of pasta round and round, if the strand was too short, then a second or third could be added.
I laid them down in a pre-greased casserole dish and turned the oven onto just above 'keep warm' - if you are not careful, the pasta could cook and get crunchy.  Before popping them into the oven to re-heat, I made eyes with bits of capers, slipping them just uder the 'bandages'
I had them heating slightly in the oven while heating up some pasta sauce for dipping.
I dished them up - along with a little octopus (should be called a spider today) - simply made by slicing an uncooked little boy , hen popping it in the hot water with the rest. - the legs curl up nicely!

Isn't this cute?

It was fiddly, but I think for a party, I would make the effort to make more and heat gently in an oven.

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