Tuesday, July 28, 2009

YUM !!! - Chicken / Bacon - Sugar and Spice !!!

Combining Chicken and Bacon and spices- served up with potato gems and gravy made from the baking tray...this is a new family favourite....

Monday, July 27, 2009

I finally remembered to take a photo before eating!!

Not for anything truly spectacular, but it was a really nice and tasty hearty Roast Lamb.

It was a small roast, but like all other successful roasts, I cooked it in the CrockPot first. It went into the oven for the last 40min to brown. The roast spuds are par-boiled before putting in the pre-heated baking dish with a smidge of oil. The vegies are just generic packet vegies, but they add a bit of colour to our Sunday Lunch!
The gravy was special enough to serve in a gravy boat - please note: Anchor Hocking restaurant ware - circa 1960. The plates are vintage too - NZ dish detergent safe stoneware. Pre-dishwasher era.